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Quality Control 

Quality Assurance & Quality Control 


GridTek Solar is dedicated to keeping all our projects NEC compliant, we strive to meet and exceed all solar codes and standards. 


Our QA/QC teams are experienced solar installers and are licensed solar inspectors by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). 


Quality Control inspections are performed on a regular basis to avoid costly mistakes and prevent any safety concerns to the equipment and or personnel. 

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GridTek Solar offers QA/QC inspection services for all types of solar projects, inspection services include: 

  • Site safety inspections and documentation

  • Electrical AC, DC & Medium Voltage 

  • Mechanical, racking & structural

  • Monitoring & Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) 

  • IV Curve Tracing 

  • Performance testing 

  • Site commissioning and documentation

We will confirm that your system is designed, installed, tested and operating per the project specifications and customer's expectations. 

Questions about getting started on your next project?

Project development questions? Design & installation questions? Quality and code compliance questions? Interested in joining the team? We are just a click away! 

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